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Hi All!

My name is Sarah Marie (or just Sarah, I go by both - darn overly popular first name), and I'm your hostess/author here at dip N dollop.  I started this blog originally as a way to kill some time while I was home from work on a medical leave (chronic migraine - if you also suffer, you have my full empathy) and I just kind of think it's fun, plus it's a good place to keep track of my ideas and projects that I'm working on.  My mind goes a million different directions at once, so having one place to keep track of everything helps me out quite a bit - and if I can inspire someone else, all the better!

I love crafty projects, and decided that I also want to learn how to restore and build furniture.  I like taking pictures, and scrapbooking.  I like experimenting in the kitchen - my current favorite is baking fresh bread.  Yum!!  And thank goodness for the KitchenAid stand mixer.  I'm pretty sure I could never knead on my own.  I'm addicted to Starbucks's Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and will try to get at least 3 a week during the holiday season.  I love wrapping Christmas gifts, but dislike decorating them.

Twyla & Steve, to be precise

I've got super-awesome amazing parents who help me muchos.  Mom (on the left, I hope you got that) shops thrift stores, rummage sales, hardware stores, and Habitat for Humanity ReStores with me to help me find deals on sad furniture that needs my help to be cute again, or little knick-knacks that I can touch up and make my own.  She is my partner in crime.  If there's trouble somewhere in southeastern Wisconsin, Mom and I are probably not far behind, haha.  Stepdad (through process of elimination, is on the right) is my handy-dandy carpenter.  He helps me build things, and even better, he helps me knock stuff down!  He also agreed to help teach me how to build furniture - can you beat that?  He won Best Stepdad Ever award when he got me a signed jersey from Brad Nortman, the punter who is originally from Wisconsin (where I live) who is now on the Carolina Panthers (my favorite football team.  EVER.)  

More to come...