Decorating the Media Room

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Lately, I've been getting really in to settling in and creating a home out of our house.  We've been here for just over a year, but we've barely done any decorating outside of painting the walls.  We did some basic work with building the fence and creating a patio space but the walls have remained pretty bare.  I spent some time at Kirkland's - a home decor store in Brookfield - and they had some really good items for a media room.  Husband has a man room in our den that I painted tan and green when we first moved in.  He has a couch in there, with a TV and all of his video game consoles.  I thought it would be cool to do it up in a media room theme, since there is not a whole lot of decor available around video games.  They had a movie reel wall sculpture, along with a resin movie plaque and some artistic popcorn pictures. I also got a popcorn night light for some decoration, and an old-fashioned movie projector that we propped up on an easel to turn in to a sculpture for the corner of the room.  My favorite piece in the room is this metal cinema sculpture that says "Cinema".  It's black with white outlined letters, and the word cinema lights up with LED lights when it's plugged in.  We plugged it in to one of the sockets that turns on with the light switch, so now it lights up when the light is turned on.  I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out, and it goes well with the existing colors and furniture.  

The other "room" that I'm working on is the foyer.  Post on that to follow soon!

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