Kitchen Re-Organization - Cabinets

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I think part of the problem I have with crafting is that my mind often goes several different directions at once. For example, projects I'm currently thinking about include an art project for my guest bedroom, refinishing the armoire in our guest bedroom, making a headboard for the guest bedroom, a family cookbook, making my Christmas cards, cutting as much fun stuff as I possibly can out of my new cutting machine, and oh yeah, finishing the posting series about the cutting machine that I selected, making a rag rug for our kitchen and for our downstairs bathroom, redoing the laundry room (which contains several projects), AND re-organizing the kitchen.  And my super big (for me) project: building my very own kitchen table.  I'm trying to make a list out of these projects and work on only one at a time, but the problem is I keep visiting awesome blogs and getting more and more ideas, so my list is growing at a rate faster than I can check items off.

Anyway, that being said, I was at Menard's today to get the supplies for some of the aforementioned projects, and I found a couple of great little bakeware organizer racks and a pot lid organizer rack.  When Husband and I moved, we went from a little galley kitchen that had about 4 cabinets to a wonderful large kitchen that has more than a dozen cabinets.  And yet, after a year of living here, they all ended up a mess again somehow.  I'm in fall cleaning mode, so I decided now was the time to tackle the cabinets once and for all.  Husband and I are kitchen pack rats.  We have all these gadgets and small appliances (and about 7 or 8 different pot lids) that neither one of us wants to get rid of because we might maybe eventually somewhere down the line possibly have some use for these items.  Here's some before shots of my kitchen:

Husband's biggest pet peeve is messy counter tops.  Oops

I had a couple of random empty cabinets.  Who knew?

This is the cabinet that I am most ashamed of.

The under the sink cleaning cabinet.
The scratch marks on the right side of this are from the screws on the handles.  This door never shut properly because the cabinet was so full.

This cabinet isn't too bad, it's just annoying because if I want one of the pots on the bottom I have to  pull all of them out.  And the grill tools make things kind of awkward.
The planning desk.  I consider it part of the kitchen, since it's right off of the eat-in kitchen nook area.
This is my cute little snow woman ornament.  I bought it t a craft fair ages ago, and it never made it downstairs in to the  Christmas stuff.  It's been hanging off of the handle on my planning desk ever since.
The horrific junk drawers.
Apparently I had an empty drawer, too.
And a seriously under-utilized cabinet.
Wow, what's happening here?  These are all of the serving pieces that match my dishes.  I don't know if I should keep them in the boxes or what.  

And just so you don't think I'm a total slob...I do have some nicely organized cabinets.  This is my grandmother's mother's china.  I want to eventually get a nice glass front cabinet to display it in.  This is one of six cabinets that I didn't even have to touch!

Then I took Post-It notes and labeled each cabinet and with what was inside and stepped back to take a look at all of the stuff that I have and where I wanted it to go.  I re-arranged all of the Post-Its and stuck them on the cabinets that I wanted the stuff to go in.  Then, because things must get worse before they get better, this happened:

I took everything out of the cabinets that were getting re-arranged and wiped it down with a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water with some added tea tree oil and let it dry, then began the really slow task of putting things back in their new homes.  I started this project about 24 hours ago and I still have a few cabinets left to refill, so I'm off to go finish up and come back with some amazing after pictures!

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