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I used to love scrapbooking.  All through high school I documented everything, and I put together scrapbook pages to the best of my ability and the best of my high school budget.  Working a part-time job at Michael's helped subsidize the cost of my scrapbooking addiction, but it was still a fairly expensive hobby.  I carried this addiction through college, although not as fanatically as I did in high school.

After Husband and I got engaged, I ventured in to the world of digital scrapbooking (kind of) by making a Shutterfly book of all of our favorite engagement photos.  After our wedding, I designed a 10 x 10 photo book that I had printed by AdoramaPix with all of the amazing photos from our wedding.  Then, I did an actual scrapbook of our honeymoon.  And that's the last scrapbooking I've done.

On Facebook, I like the Craftaholics Anonymous page, and someone asked a question about the Project Life scrapbooking system.  A lot of people responded positively in the comments, so I decided to check out what Project Life really is.  Designed by Becky Higgins, Project Life is a photo and journaling based scrapbooking system that is more simplistic than traditional scrapbooking.  There are pre-designed kits you can buy that have filler cards and journaling cards that all compliment each other, and everything is pre-cut and printed.

I'm trying to decide if I love the clementine kit...

...or the seafoam kit

You can also purchase binders that color coordinate with the kit that you choose.

And Becky has also designed page protectors with pre-designed templates that are sized to fit the cards from the kits (the openings are 4 x 6 and 4 x 3, or variations thereof).

The nice part about the page protectors is you can buy a multipack of the different templates, or you can buy large packs of the two more popular templates, depending on what you think you may use most often.  

I've been wanting to get back in to scrapbooking, but with school, work, blogging, and house/craft projects I was hesitant to add another thing to my to-do list.  Project Life is the perfect alternative to that!  I can start with the core kit, and there are tons of free Project Life printables available on the Internet.  There's a huge amount of Project Life pins available on Pinterest - I've even started my own Project Life board!  And with Photoshop Elements, I'll be able to create my own journaling and filler cards, as well.  All I have to do is add my own photographs, and my scrapbook will almost make itself.

I'm thinking about buying a traditional scrapbook rather than buying one of the binders, because most scrapbooks use the same three-hole layout and I like the look of scrapbooks better.  I was thinking about doing a digital Project Life, then printing it at the end of the year through Adorama Pix, but I think I'll try a traditional book this year and see where it goes from there.

So, wish me luck on my return to the world of scrapbooking please!

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