Help Me Decorate My Bedroom! Please!!

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When Husband and I bought our house, I was overwhelmed by the blandness of it.  Our house was a new construction build.  It had been used as a model home, but it was still builder beige everywhere you looked.  All of the walls were the same color, and the cabinets in the kitchen were the same as the cabinets in the bathrooms.  The linoleum in the kitchen also matches the linoleum in the bathrooms.  When we were preparing to move in, I made a trip to Home Depot and stocked up on about a dozen gallons of paint, and three pretty light fixtures for our two full bathrooms and one half bathroom to upgrade from the builder basics.  Now that we've been settled in to our home for awhile, I'm finding myself dissatisfied with the color choices I made in that desperate weekend of painting.


Our bedroom is currently painted Whitened Sage, by Behr.  It's an incredibly soft green.  So soft, that when my husband came home that night after I busted my bum after painting all day, his response was, "Didn't you paint this room?"  I'm pretty sure I growled at him.  I wanted a really nice neutral for this room, because I'm one of those people that change out my bedding with the seasons.  For fall and winter, I have the Sakura bedding from Crate and Barrel on our bed:

And in the spring and summer, we have Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Calvin Klein's Maldives Collection Bedding on our bed:

I'm not even going to show you pictures of our bedroom now, because I'm that ashamed of it.  I will, however, show you photos of how I want it to be :-)

Husband and I are electronics addicts, so nightstands are a must for both of us.  I want to build these, lovelies, courtesy of the uber-talented Ana White.

I love how this poster painted the bottom nice and bright but stained the top.  Totally stealing that idea.  I'll find some cute knobs for this project from Hobby Lobby.  I have to drive about 45 minutes to get to the nearest Hobby Lobby, but it's worth every mile!

I also want to build the Farmhouse King Bed as featured on Ana White's blog.


For the furniture, I'm thinking that I want to just paint it a nice antique white color and distress it a bit, and stain the distressed edges the same color I want to stain the tops of the nightstands.  I'm also wanting to get a seating area in here, with two little arm chairs and a small round table.  I think the room is large enough to support it; I'll put it where I now have a huge, dark, over-sized dresser that I can't wait to sell on Craigslist and wait to wave bye-bye to.

Here's where I NEED your help!!!

I have NO CLUE what color to paint the walls of my bedroom!!  I still want something neutral that will go well with both of the bedding choices that we use in the bedroom.  These are the color choices that Husband and I have been considering.  (I know that it totally depends on how they look in the room and we need to try out samples, but I'd appreciate opinions of what colors y'all would lean towards!)

Tapestry Beige by Benjamin Moore

Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore

Copley Grey by Benjamin Moore

Creekside Green by Benjamin Moore

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams (I know it's everywhere, but I love how chameleon-like this color is!)

Right now, my favorite three are Perfect Greige, Creekside Green, and Tapestry Beige - in that order.

What do you think??

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  1. Laura

    It's so hard to pick colors based on computer pictures... It took the hubs & me over 9 sample swatches to find the perfect grey for our bedroom! A lot of it is just lighting... Good luck!

  2. Khloé Belle Gadson

    It looks like you need quite a bit of help with some of your decorating needs.
    We should work together on some edesign? I think it would suit you and you would do well with the project.!about1/c1f29

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  3. Angela Conley

    I really like the Palladian Blue. It's subtle color but not too much. With all your decor and furniture being neutral, it would provide a nice balance, IMO.

    Second best for me is the Copley Gray. Still gives contrast against what you'll have in the room. But I think you really have to like gray (and I do). To me, that color would give me a feeling of being enveloped, which is perfect for a bedroom.

    My other thought is maybe a muted light green green, like a pale celadon?

  4. Susan Fidler

    Blue or Grey! I think both those colors add a great feeling to a bedroom and will help everything pop a little more! I hope you'll come share some of your projects with me on my new linking party! Hope to see you there!

  5. Leeanne Dyson

    Aside from considering the whole appearance of the room, it's also important to choose a shade that's relaxing yet elegant at the same time when deciding what color to use on the bedroom walls. Coply Grey would make the room a little darker, which is more conducive for sleeping. But if you want a more neutral look, then Tapestry Beige it is.
    Pro Master

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