Decorating the Bedroom: Part 2

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After writing this post about trying to pick a paint color for my bedroom, I headed over to my local Sherwin Williams store to grab some paint chips to hang on my bedroom wall to try to pick a paint color.  Husband loves the paint color "Anonymous", and I'm a big fan of "Dovetail" and "Keystone Gray".  I also stopped by my local Menard's, and picked out the Dutch Boy colors "Dried Plain" and "Lake Cottage".  Husband really likes "Lake Cottage", too. 

I really like all of these colors, and was having problems narrowing them down, so I figured maybe I was going about this the wrong way.  Maybe I needed to find some new bedding that I loved, and pink the paint color to match the bedding!  Stroke of genius, right?  So I headed to Target.  I recently re-discovered Target as an amazing store for home decor, after going years with only buying from Kohl's, Crate & Barrel, and Bed, Bath & Beyond for any home decor I needed.  I took Husband to Target with me, figuring that it was his bedroom, too, so his input was important.

This was probably a combination of the worst two ideas I've had in quite some time.


I'm in love with this comforter set, and thought it would look fabulous with the darker Anonymous-colored walls that Husband loved...but Husband vetoed this comforter set right away.  No hesitation.  I was devastated.


Husband is a big fan of this comforter.  It's a darker teal than it looks like in this photo.  I'm not 100% sold on me, the pinched pleats just look wrinkly.  


This is a quilt option that we both liked.  I love the gingham look and how easy it would be to dress up with accessories, but with the wall colors we're considering I worry that it would be too much gray in our bedroom.

We both agree on this one, too, but again with the overwhelming gray.  The nice thing about this one that you can't really see in this photo is that it has a bit of a metallic shimmer to it that I think is really pretty.


Husband and I both like this comes in a quilt option and a comforter set.  The comforter felt scratchy, but the quilt was nice and soft.  The quilt would be a nice option for summer, too.  We have a memory foam mattress and our bed gets really warm, so I like the idea of a quilt.


I'm loving the deep teal of this duvet cover, as well.  I like having duvet covers, because they're so easy to pop in the washer when they get dirty.  With two dogs in the house, it's a requirement to have a bedding set that we can wash in our washing machine - I don't like to have laundry that I have to take to the laundromat in order to get it clean.

So, after my bright idea, now I have 5 paint colors that I really like AND 6 different bedding sets.  I'm thinking I should probably put the bedroom redecorating project on the back burner and tackle some pending projects that I have like refinishing a dining set that I got from ReStore and building a console table for the TV in our master bedroom.  Maybe some time simmering will tell me what I want to do...

Has anyone else ever experienced design block?  Or an overwhelming number of ideas and problems narrowing them down??

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2 Responses to Decorating the Bedroom: Part 2

  1. Bekah

    Have you tried any samples on the walls yet?

    Also - I have that pintuck comfortor in both blue and white. I love it! Haha it does tend to look wrinkled, but I like that look.

    If you want to see the white one in my room, it is here...

    The thing I actually like least about it are the pillow covers. Which is a minor detail I guess, I just feel like they have no shape.

    SO ANYWAY - good luck!! it will get there eventually!

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for showing me what the pintucks look like in an actual room! I think they're actually starting to grow on me...but in the grey. They have a duvet option for it, too which made me soooooo happy.

    I haven't gotten as far as putting samples on the wall yet...I can't decide what colors I want to get samples of! I think I might have to just bite the bullet and get paint samples in all of the colors I like, since I can't really narrow any of them down. I have managed to pick out paint colors for our home office and our master bathroom along the way, though!

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