Happy Halloween!

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So for Halloween this year I'm at home, but Husband did get to participate in Halloween festivities.  His team at work submitted costume ideas, and everyone was assigned one of the ideas.  One girl was a ballerina, there was talk of someone else dressing up as Elvis, you get the picture.  And what was Husband's costume assignment, you ask?  A rock.

Yup, you read that correctly.  For Halloween, Husband was supposed to dress up as a rock.  As in, stone.  Boulder.  Rock.

Photo of said rock, just in case we all weren't on the same page by now.  :-)

Ever the dutiful and crafting wife, I shot down his idea of simply buying grey sweatpants and stuffing under the sweatshirt to look lumpy for fear that he'd just look like an old lumpy man wearing sweats to work.  I came up with two alternatives: 1)  Sponge painting sweats to have a "rock" texture and 2) using the stone spray paint made by Rustoleum to spray sweats to have the look AND texture of stone.  Husband liked the idea of spray paint, which wasn't my first choice, but since he was the one that had to wear it, what Husband wanted, Husband got.

We went to Wal-Mart and bought a cheap pair of light grey Hanes sweats, and I coated them with a coat of dark grey primer to try to stop the stone spray paint from soaking through the sweatshirt and pants.  One trip to Menards later, and I was armed with this stuff:


I coated both sides of the sweats with two coats of the textured stone spray, and I have to say it ended up looking pretty awesome, but they smelled pretty strongly of spray paint fumes so I figured I'd turn them inside out and wash them in super cold water on the hand wash cycle after they had dried for about 24 hours.  That sure was a bad idea.  Stone spray paint coated all over the inside of my washing machine.  Not so for the sweats; about 75% of the spray paint washed off of them.

Take #2

So last night, I went back to Wal-Mart and bought a second set of sweats.  Dark grey this time, since they didn't have a light grey sweatshirt in Husband's size.  Then I stopped at JoAnn and picked up some Apple Barrel paint in Linen, Dove Grey, and Pitch Black (two bottles of each), and I got two bottles of fabric medium so the Apple Barrel paint would adhere to the fabric better.  I used sea sponges to sponge on the colors, black first and most heavily, followed by the linen, then the dove grey.  This was the result:

The finishing touch of his costume was a beanie that I glued Spanish moss on to...get it?  Moss growing on the rock?  Ha, I'm funny.  Here's a photo of Husband modeling the final product.  Please excuse the low-quality cell phone photo; I forgot to take pictures before he left for work.

Husband.  Ain't he cute?

If I had to do it again, I'd probably use darker paint colors instead of the linen and grey - probably a dark grey and nutmeg color instead.  But since I don't anticipate ever having to make a rock costume again, I'll probably just file that away in the "random information never to be used again" file in my slightly crazy brain.

Happy Halloween!!!

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