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One of the last rooms I plan on decorating is my kitchen, but it is one of the rooms I'm most excited to do.  I've got an entire makeover in mind for that room - re-painting the cabinets and the counter tops, all new color scheme, and some new furniture and wall art to give it a homier, cozier feel.  I was playing around online today - home sick due to vicious migraine, thanks giant thunderstorm - and I discovered the awesome ability of the Collage Maker function of Picasa due to the lovely Anna over at Ask Anna.  Oh my goodness, if you've got some time to spare, head over there.  She's a wealth of information when it comes to cleaning and organizational tips, and she has some amazing decorating inspiration as well.  I totally added her to my reader.  So, thanks Anna!!

Anyway, I've been collecting all of these pictures on Pinterest, but I wanted somewhere that they were saved all nice and pretty.  Enter Picasa.  I downloaded it, and created a folder on my desktop with the photos I have saved for inspiration for my kitchen.  Then, you select the folder with your pictures in it over on the left, click "Create" then "Picture Collage", like so:

The nice thing about Picasa is not only that it will automatically create the collage for you, but it also gives you different styles of collages to choose from.  There's an option for "picture pile", which just looks like a scatter of pictures on a page, for those who like a little whimsy.  Or if you're a little more Type A like yours truly, you can choose a mosaic option that will arrange the photos in a grid.  There's a frame mosaic, too, which puts a large photo in the middle and scatters the others all around.  I'm thinking I'm going to try that one for the master bedroom.  You can also play around with the size settings, and optimize for a standard or a widescreen monitor.

I actually like how this collage turned out a little more than the final product that I saved did, haha!!  I went to go save it, but then my silly computer froze.  Oh well, at least I have this screen shot.  Anyway, I saved my collage and opened it up in Photoshop so I could add some text to remind myself what the different pictures were.  Here's my final product:

I can't wait to get my hands on that kitchen.  I can already see it so clearly in my head and I want to complete it!!

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