The Newly Organized Kitchen Cabinets

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Who's been holding their breath in suspense for the revel of my newly organized kitchen??

No one?

That's okay, I wasn't either.  But I'm still pretty proud of it, so I'm going to show it off anyway.  This post is going to be pretty photo-heavy and pretty text-lite.

I had to return that food processor - totally didn't work.  Still debating about getting a new one.

I made all new homemade cleaners too; I'll blog about that in a week or two.

The only thing that really changed about this cabinet was I threw away all of the tea since it was expired - oops.

For Christmas, I'm asking for spice racks that mount to the inside of the cabinet doors, so I'm hoping to combine this cabinet and the dry goods cabinet.  We'll see how well that works out in a couple of months.

And there you have my newly organized kitchen cabinets.  And let me tell you, after the time and personal injury that went in to this project (yeah, I fell off of the counter when I was cleaning the insides of the cabinets) these cabinets better stay this way for a good long while.  I still need to figure out how to better organize the drawers and the cabinet that has all of my serving dishes, but I have an idea for that which involved Craigslist, a sideboard/buffet, some sandpaper, and paint, so stay tuned. :-)

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