Crazy Donut Crayons

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Thanksgiving is only one day away!!  I can't believe it's already the end of November.  I've got to start thinking of goals for 2013.  I don't make resolutions anymore - just goals.  It feels much more relaxed, and I don't turn in to one of the many that flock to the gym on January 2nd, only to vanish six weeks later.

Anyway, I got to spend some quality time with my niece on Monday evening, and we spent the evening making crazy donut crayons.  Because why color with a plain crayon when you can do much more interesting things to them?

I found these crayons at Menard's of all places.  They were on clearance for $0.39 a box, which was the best price I could find for crayons anywhere so I picked up three boxes.  I had Niece go through and pick out ten colors from one box, and we picked out the same colors from each box so we had a good stack of 30 crayons, three of each color.  

Then came the not so fun part.  We peeled all of the crayons (Niece was the official peeler, I was backup) and I cut them in to little chunks.  

You want to cut the crayons in to pieces small enough that they'll melt easily, but large enough that they're still in chunks rather than wax dust.  Once that was done, we had ten nice little piles of crayon chunks.  We filled up a muffin tin with the little crayon chunks until we had something that looked like this:

I didn't want to use one of my muffin tins just in case something backfired, so I went to Goodwill hunting for a muffin tin.  They didn't have one, so I walked over to KMart and picked up this non-stick mini donut tin for about $8.  The shape made it a little bit more fun for Niece and now I've got a tin that we can use for future "dirty projects".

We popped this in to the oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes, and when it came out I let them cool for about an hour, and had this:

They didn't pop right out, but after flipping over the tin and whacking the back a few times with a butter knife, this is what I was left with:

The only thing I would change is I would have tried the normal Crayola crayons instead of the off-brand crayons.  See the white ring at the bottom of the donut crayon?  The dye separated from the wax and sank more towards the bottom of the mold, so I'm not sure how well they're going to color.

So, for less than $10, and an hour of quality time with Niece, we now have a new set of Crazy Donut Crayons.  And now, just 'cause she's cute, here's another shot of Niece:

She's cute and she knows it!!!
A very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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