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I don't mind giving gift cards as gifts if that's what someone asks for or if it's for an experience rather than just stuff.  I love when my godparents give Husband and I gift cards as gifts for stuff like dinner and a movie.  We don't go out often for date nights, so when we're given a date night as a gift it's a great gift for us.  This year, Stepdad wanted music but because he's so picky about his music he wanted an iTunes gift card rather than just a full CD.  Fine by me!  (If I have to get someone a gift card because I can't think of anything else to get them, that's when I have a problem with giving a gift card.  I have reasons for this.)  I got Stepdad his iTunes gift card, but didn't want to stick it in an envelope or one of those boring gift card tins that you see everywhere.  I was out hunting for fabric with one of my friends a couple of weeks ago, and I stumbled across the perfect gift card giving idea for only $0.97 at Wal-Mart, of all places.  I know many people always think to go to Wal-Mart for their crafting needs, but I always forget that it is an option!!!

Anyway, for $0.97 at my local Wal-Mart, I picked up this wood plaque from Plaid, then painted the back gray using some Apple Barrel paint in Granite Gray.

I also wrapped the paint around the front on the edges, then let the whole thing dry.

While the paint was drying, I printed out some sheet music to adhere to the front, then worked on my Homemade Gift Tags that I posted last week.  The plaque soaked up the paint pretty quickly, so it was dry within an hour.  I laid the piece of paper with the sheet music image that I was using over the front of the plaque, then rubbed the edges so I got a nice crisp line on the edges so I could cut the right size and shape pretty easily, like so:

After cutting the shape out of the sheet music, I used Mod Podge and glued it to the front of my plaque.

I used hard coat because that was what I had on hand (I've got a project that I'm going to start next year with some storage cubes and Mod Podge) but I'm sure any kind of Mod Podge would work perfectly.  This was the first time in awhile that I've worked with this stuff, and I forgot that especially when working with wood you really do need to use quite a bit to make sure everything adheres well.  Don't skimp on the Mod Podge!!  Once the initial layer dried, I applied two more coats over the top of the sheet music.

Next, I grabbed my removable/repositionable Zots (I really don't like those things, I can never get them to lay flat) and my gift card.

I stuck one glue dot on each corner of my gift card, positioned it roughly in the middle of my plaque, and ended up with a unique way to give someone a gift card as a gift!

I kind of put the sheet music on the wrong way - oops.  But I'm still proud of the way it turned out, and i'm glad that when Stepdad goes to open it on Christmas Eve he's not going to pick it up and know, "Oh, it's a gift card!" before he even opens it.

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