O Christmas Tree

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Last year, Husband and I got a real Christmas tree to celebrate our first year in our house.  This year, because things have been so crazy with my medical stuff and finances and a couple of other things we didn't have time to go cut down a tree, so we went back to the artificial tree that I had from my very first apartment.  I thought I would hate having a fake tree, but the no maintenance thing is super nice, and I don't think it looks super fake.

Husband put the lights on this year, so I'm not sure what's going on with that big dark spot on the tree.  It's kind of sad looking, isn't it?

We got a new star this year.  We used to have one with sparkles all over it (clearly picked out by me) but I got tired of vacuuming up the sparkle remnants from the star every year so we picked this one up at Menard's.  I'm normally a much bigger fan of silver than gold, but I really liked this star.

Every year for St. Nick, Husband and I exchange ornaments.  I got him a Hallmark ornament shaped like a movie box of popcorn that says, "I like you more than movie popcorn with butter" and he got me this camera.  I love it.  I'm thinking about putting 2012 in the lens.  

This is one of my favorite gifts that I wrapped this year.  I had all of these left over clothespins from a mirror project I did, and I thought they'd go well with the wrapping paper I had for this year.  I just really like how it turned out.

I also really like how this gift turned out.  I think the little bow is really cute and I like how the ribbon around the box turned out.  

So, that's the extent of my Christmas decorating for the year.  My house it definitely not the cheeriest on the block this year, but I commit to make that different next year.

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