My First Printable!

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So earlier this week, I shared that one of my goals is to become more organized in 2013.  Knowing myself, I know that if I have things written down and organized in one convenient location it makes things much easier for me to recall.  I knew I wanted a planner, but I didn't want an "assignment notebook" type planner, even though schoolwork is one of the things I need to keep track of.  I wanted something that could keep track of homework, housework, doctor's appointments, work commitments, Husband's schedules, family obligations, the blog, my budget, household projects, and my Project Life goal.  I wanted a life planner.

After researching and blog stalking, I was introduced to the M by Staples Arc Discbound system.  Similar to creating your own notebook, but way better.  I loved how creative I could get with it and how pretty I could make things.

There are tons of printables online created by some amazingly talented women, and I looked through them to find the one that was best for me.  A lot of them are oriented around planning for families.  They have sections for menus, and the kids, and stuff that I just don't use.  Then I found the super-adorable Peek at the Week planner printable from Jen over at IHeart Organizing.  I loved the colors, the space for a shopping list, and the space for notes.  She has a spot for a menu, but it's pretty small so it doesn't waste a lot of space for me.  Most of all, I loved the layout she had.  I've been in to blues and yellows lately, so I decided to create my own weekly page based off of Jen's.  Then I thought, why not share it here?  This is the first time I've ever done a printable, so any feedback is totally welcome.

Click here to download "A Peek at This Week" in the Monday - Sunday format.

Click here to download "A Peek at This Week" in the Sunday-Saturday format.


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