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So, way back in the day, I blogged about the skin care line that I use: Mary Kay Botanical Effects.  And when I say I wrote this post awhile ago, I do mean awhile.  Like, it's dated November 14, 2012.  So the follow up to that post is finally coming four months later.  Better late than never, right?!

The Botanical Effects line - with my favorite product up front!

In that post, I shared that there are four steps to the system, and that one of the steps is my absolute favorite beauty product ever.  As in, if I had to go away to a desert island, and I could only take one product with me this is the product I would take.  This product is the Mary Kay Botanical Effects Mask.

My bottle is getting a little empty :(

This mask is heaven.  I always had a poor opinion of masks, because I hated the smell of a certain sulfur-based mask (yes, I'm looking at you Proactiv!)  And they always dried out my face a little too much.  The MK mask is the perfect compromise.  It leaves my skin feeling so amazingly smooth.  The first few times I used it, I kept rubbing my cheeks like a crazy person, then running up to Husband and saying "Touch my face!"  Pretty sure he thought I was crazy, but he even commented how smooth my skin felt after using the mask.  It also helps clean pores...I've had a time or two where the mask seems to pull a pimple out faster, which sounds like a bad thing, but it also makes the pimple go away so much faster it's insane!  If I've got a particularly nasty pimple, I'll rub a bit on it before bed and leave it on overnight.  By morning, it's so reduced it's barely noticeable.

In the winter, when my skin is a little bit drier, I tend to use the mask about 2-3 times a week.  In summer, when I'm outside a lot and my skin gets all oily and nasty, I've used the mask as many as 5 times a week and I've never had any problems with overdrying.  Because the mask isn't filled with nasty chemicals, it doesn't bleach my towels to some unrecognizable color, either, which is a pretty big win.

Any way you squeeze it, this mask is two thumbs up, fantastic, fine holiday fun.  Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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