Washi Tape Tab Dividers

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So, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but I'm a senior at UW-Milwaukee right now.  I'm double majoring in Communication and Organizational Administration.  I thought I was going to major in Sociology, but I apparently have some pretty bad ADD when it comes to my major.  The Com and the OA was the original major, and it's interesting and relevant so yeah.

Anyway, the Sociology class I'm taking this semester is divided in to units.  Because of my love of organization and pretty things, I wanted a way to nicely divide my binder for the class in to the units, but they didn't sell pre-made tabbed dividers in the quantity I needed.  Plus, they aren't pretty.

Enter everyone's new favorite craft embellishment: washi tape!  You can make anything pretty with washi tape.

So I gathered up my supplies:

A rotary cutter, manilla file folders, my labeler, a self-healing cutting mat, and a few different patterns of washi tape.  I also had my three-hole punch on hand, and a three-ring binder.

I cut the manilla file folders in half down the fold, and kept the side with the tab, then ran a line of washi tape down the right edge of the folder, like so.

Then I added a second strip of tape to the tab of the folder, then used my rotary trimmer to cut the tape to match the rounded edges of the tab.

Then I used my labeler to print out the unit names, attached the label to the middle of the tab, and three hole punched the left side of the divider.    See?

Since those file folders come with the tabs in three locations, I just alternated the tab locations for each unit.  It makes my Sociology binder look prettier than it would have otherwise, and I feel much more organized, and it will be easier to find the information I'm looking for while I'm taking an exam or writing a paper.

Washi tape makes the world a prettier place!!

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  1. Khloé Belle Gadson

    I need some washi tape in my life.

    I am a new follower of your blog.

    I am hosting a Linky Blog Hop starting today about home organizing. April is Spring cleaning month and I want everyone to link up their home organization blog post. This will run throughout the whole month of April to give you time. Add yours now: http://bit.ly/XDWic2

    Have a great Tuesday! :)

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