From Oversized T-Shirt to Cute Vest!

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One of my favorite blogs to follow is WobiSobi's.  This girl can do some amazing things with Hanes T-shirts and scissors.  I'm amazingly inspired by her fearlessness when it comes to re-fashioning and restyling.

I'm a girl on a budget, but I like to have cute clothes.  Since I'm not a small girl, I don't necessarily feel that comfortable in a lot of clothing designed for girls, since the clothing tends to be more fitted which makes the fact that most of her T-shirt refashions are done using men's Hanes T-shirts.  And those T-shirts are cheap, so if I mess something up I just try again.  No harm, no foul.  Because I live in Wisconsin, which has some pretty crazy weather, I love dressing in layers so I can adapt my outfit as the temperature changes throughout the day.

That being said, I thought WobiSobi's cute 5 Minute Draped Vest #2 would be the perfect candidate for my first T-shirt refashion attempt.  I apologize in advance for the low-quality iPhone was the only camera I had available at the time I got scissor happy.

I started with a plain grey Hanes T-shirt.  I ordered a pack of 4 from Amazon for like $16, so my cute vest started life looking like this.

I ordered XXL T-shirts because, again, I'm not a small girl, and I wanted to have a lot of "drapiness" to my vest.  So I laid it out flat on the floor.

Then I made 5 easy cuts.  I cut the sleeves off as close to the seams as I could, then cut the collar deeper.  I cut off the bottom hem, the cut down the sides of the shirt.  Duchess had to inspect my work after I was done cutting.

And that easily, I had a cute new drapy vest!

And the back is nice and simple.

I had one helluva time getting a pic of my back, lol

I think this would look really cute with some skinny jeans and my black boots.  I think I'll try that outfit out this weekend!

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  1. WobiSobi

    Looks Great Sarah:) I am going to post on my Facebook Page.

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