Mason Jar Piggy Banks

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I've been craving some new electronics lately.  I want an iPad mini pretty badly, and I also want to go back to my Mac computers.  I use a Windows laptop right now, and I miss my MacBook.  I use an iMac every day for work, and it's so nice to use that I think I want one for myself.

So pretty!

I'm also trying to save for a down payment to get a new car.  I hit a deer with mine early on Christmas morning, and I cracked up the bumper and it's been making some pretty ominous noises ever since.  Plus, it's getting older, and it's a coupe with not a lot of interior space, so I'd like to upgrade to something with 4 doors that's a little roomier.  Trying to bring home 8' boards for projects in a Pontiac G5 is no easy task!  I'd really love to get something like this:

Hyundai Tucson

Or maybe one of these...

Subaru Legacy

So since I'm saving for two different things, I wanted to create some cute "piggy banks" to help inspire me and encourage me to save.  I picked up a couple of smooth sided Bell jars from Michael's, and cut some cute 12"x12" scrapbook paper to about 5" tall.

Then I grabbed my hot glue gun and ran a line down the side of the paper, and wrapped it around the jar.

I ran a line of washi tape down the gap in between the paper, because the 12" wide scrapbook paper was just a teensy bit too small to wrap around the entire jar.  For some more decoration, I also added some washi tape on the top and bottom edge of the patterned paper.

For more fun, I wrapped some thin ribbon around the jar several times, then tied the ribbon in a knot in the front of the jars.

I got some cute Martha Stewart tags on clearance from Staples a few months ago, and I thought they'd make a cute addition to my jars.

So I dabbed the edges of the tags on an ink pad, then wrote on the tag what each savings jar is for.

So in about 15 minutes, I ended up with two cute jars to fill up!  Now I just need to find some overtime hours to work so I can start feeding my adorable jars!

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  1. Abigail Cappel

    Sarah- I love this idea! It's so simple too if only I could find washi tape.
    So I've been looking over your blog a little and I would love to help you, but email me because I have a few tips right now to help your blog out a bit more :D
    Email Me
    Abbi @ Seasons of a Homemaker

  2. Maria

    These are so cute! I think I would have to glue the lid shut too so I don't use the money :)

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