My 2nd Wedding Anniversary

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This is a slightly random post, but today is my second wedding anniversary.  Last year, I thought about the really random things I remembered from that day, so I want to list the things I remember this year.

Notice the really, really tall curtain rod.
I swear this thing weighed like 13213654651.2 pounds.  But I loved it!
  1. Going to Subway after getting my hair and makeup done with my wedding party.  The guy thought we were part of a Bachelorette Party. Cute.
  2. Almost falling off of the chair I was standing on to get my dress down from the curtain rod I had it hanging off of.  Oops.
  3. Sitting in the limo waiting to go in to the church.  We were desperately trying to hook my sister-in-law up with the limo driver.  I think mostly because we wanted access to a limo driver.
  4. My mom yelling at me halfway down the aisle to slow down.
  5. Having to whisper-yell at Jon to step down from the alter to come get me.
  6. Wanting desperately to hand my bouquet off to my maid of honor during the ceremony.  I loved it, but man was that thing heavy!!
  7. Screaming Huzzah! and having Jon jump a la our engagement photos in the church basement after the ceremony.
  8. Jon spinning us around a lot during our first dance and making me dizzy.
  9. There was a blizzard.
  10. Huzzah!!
  11. I got to marry the most wonderful, terrific, loving man I have ever met in my life and I am grateful for every day that he is my husband and I am his wife.
He forgot to come get me.
Jump!!  Jump!!

...and we lived happily ever after.

***All photos are courtesy of Sarah Immel Photography.  If you're in Southeast WI and need an amazing photographer, I'd definitely recommend giving her a call.  She was amazing for us.***

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