The Case of the Missing Christmas Spirit

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I'm normally a huge fan of Christmas.  I'm the girl who starts planning for Christmas in July.  By October, I have my Black Friday plan of attack laid out.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, I've got the house decorated and the tree up, and decorated gifts start appearing under the tree not long after. 

This year, I'm not really feeling Christmas.  I did Black Friday shopping with Mom, but I didn't really have the fun that I normally do.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, Husband and I had intentions of decorating the tree.  (I should say, I had intentions of decorating the tree, which I informed him of.)  Instead, we rocked the couch potato thing and kind of bummed out the whole weekend.  A week and a half after Thanksgiving, I finally re-arranged the living room to make room for the Christmas tree, but the spot sat empty.  

Finally, I found a tiny little bit of my Christmas spirit.  And I do mean tiny.  Like, this much:

I wrapped gifts.  And did my Christmas cards.  Technically, this was the last bunch of my cards.  I did the first 24, but then I ran out.  I stuck that batch in the mail and then did these, which are sitting in the mailbox as I type this to go out on Monday.  I was so proud to get all of these gifts wrapped, but I didn't get to finish all of my wrapping because I ran out of paper.  So I dug deep and found a little more Christmas spirit and went to the Hallmark store yesterday and got some more paper to finish the wrapping.  Why Hallmark, you ask?  I love that they have the cutting lines on the back of their paper.  I hate buying paper that doesn't have those lines.  Plus, they had a sale going on for all of their holiday paper, buy one roll, get a 2nd roll for $1.  So, I finished the wrapping, and ended up with a stack of gifts that look like this:

I absolutely love wrapping gifts (as long as they're in perfectly shaped boxes) but I despise decorating them, so rather than deal with decorating them right away I stuck Post-Its with the recipient's name on each box.  I'm wondering if I can get away with just giving gifts with the Post-Its still attached.

Among all of the wrapping, I found the motivation to decorate the tree, so that's done as well...but other than that, the house is totally bare.  Has anyone else ever had serious issues getting in to the Christmas spirit?

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