Beauty Bag: Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation

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Let's talk about good foundations, shall we?  After all, you can't build anything without a good foundation - especially not a beautiful face!!!  (I feel like I sounded like a cheesy infomercial host right there).

MAC Studio Fix

When it comes to foundation, I used to prefer a powder foundation, like MAC's Studio Fix.  I appreciated that it only took about 15 seconds to apply, and I felt like it helped absorb some of the oils from my face.  However, it never had the "full" coverage that I wanted, and some of the discoloration and flaws on my skin were still pretty visible through the MAC.

Laura Gellar Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation - say that 5 times fast

I would watch QVC at night before going to bed - and that's a whole 'nother story - and saw the Laura Gellar Baked collection.  I figured anything called "Balance and Brighten Color Correcting Foundation" would be the cure for all my troubles.  Balance?  Check.  Brighten?  Check.  Color Correcting?  Check!  The baked foundation was lovely, and I loved the way it felt going on my face.  The only problem was, even after using a primer (I got a trial of LG's Spackle to test) the foundation was gone within two hours.  Vanished.  Like a good David Copperfield trick.  I went as far as buying a second compact and brush that I carried everywhere with me, and would sneak off on breaks at work to re-apply to keep my face looking smooth.

Then I went to that fated Mary Kay Faces night, where I learned that I can not only make myself pretty, but that pretty foundation CAN actually last for more than two hours.  Enter Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation.  In Ivory 5, I might add.

I had always been nervous of liquid foundations for many reasons.  I didn't want a "dewy glow" since my face generated enough oil to "glow" like I'd just run a marathon, and I didn't want it settling in to my pores and giving me a funny blotchy look halfway through the day.  I was also nervous of the dreaded orange line - you know, the girl that's wearing the totally wrong foundation color and her jaw and neck are two totally different colors as a result?  Yeah, not my cup of tea.  

The matte-wear formula of this foundation prevented that dewy glow I had been worried about, and instead just gave me a smooth canvas of color.  I also made the decision to apply my foundation daily with a brush instead of my fingers or a sponge.  It allows me to not glob more product than I need on my face, and I find I can blend better AND get better coverage when I use my foundation brush.  I know application methods are a personal choice, and some people think I'm crazy for using the brush instead of a sponge, but after experimenting I have just found that the brush is the best method for me.

To apply my foundation, I just squeeze a bit on to the back of my hand, dab my brush in to the foundation, then apply to my face using a combination of long brush strokes and a dabbing motion, almost like I'm painting with a stencil.  My lovely friend Clarissa came over the other day to do a makeover for a contest Mary Kay is running right now, so here's the before:

Eek!  Naked face

Absolutely, positively terrifying, is it not?  Granted, the whole point of the "before" picture is to make you look pretty beat up, but I'm just downright scary without my face on.  Please understand that it is a big deal for me to post a picture of myself looking this awful on the Internet, and don't judge me too harshly.

The makeup we did on makeover day was a little darker and more dramatic than what I normally wear, so for comparison here's a picture that I took of myself the other day after putting on my face (with it's lovely foundation):

Not quite as terrifying, no?  I applied my makeup around 1:00 pm that day (the benefits of working from home - I don't need to put on makeup to go to work every morning!) and when I went to wash my face around 11:00 pm that night, my face still looked like this.  I love having a makeup that will last!

I will admit, to set my foundation and even up the color, I do put a layer of the previously mentioned Balance-n-Brighten on top of the foundation most days.  Putting a powder over the top just makes my face feel that much more "finished"

So, that's how I build a good foundation - MK primer & Timewise Foundation, with a swipe of Laura Gellar 

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